February 18, 2023

Megan & Chase | Greenville Engagement Session

Adventure Engagement Session | Roller Skating

When I was reading Megan and Chase’s answers I knew they would be down for an adventures engagement session. They described their relationship as easy going, fun, “We’re pretty goofy and try not to take anything too serious.” They were AOK with getting dirty, wet sandy and were 100% down for adventurous poses. 
So I started thinking of a way we could showcase who they are as a couple.

A few days latter my husband and I were traveling to visit family, we were talking about birthday parties we had as children. I said, “I probably had my birthday party at the skating rink three times as a kid.” He thought it was a good kid birthday spot and I mentioned that I actually celebrated my 15th birthday at the skating rink. Realizing skating is fun at any age, I grabbed my phone, text Megan, “Would you be interested in doing your engagement session at the skating rink?” Her reply, “I think that would be so fun! I’ll ask Chase.” And Chase said, “That would be really cool!”

When they were all done skating we hopped in our cars and drove down the road to a park to take a few tradition photos. I LOVED these too! Megan and Chase were still playful (agreeing to a few rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors) but I got to see their more romantic side too. I left this session filled to the brim with joy! I was beyond excited to edit and deliver their photos.

Megan and Chase were so laid back, comfortable and just fun to spend time with. They fell down, laughed and helped each other up. During our session I saw small acts of kindness, them flirting and just enjoying their time together.

Greenville Engagement

Greenville Engagement

Greenville Engagement

Greenville Engagement

Do you want to document your love story like this? Reach out, I would love to plan a session that represents who you are as a couple. I’m down for a hike, picnics, bowling, cooking, getting coffee, going to the gym. Whatever you like doing with your person, I want to capture it.

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