I've always had a camera in my hand. My parents recently found camcorder tapes and I was the one directing the family and capturing the day. But that's not how I became a photographer.

My husband proposed in December 2013 and we spent the next 3 years stressing about our wedding! Yes, I said YEARS! I was so overwhelmed by the entire process I didn't want to plan.
Then in January 2017 we decided enough was enough and threw together a micro-wedding. We found an officiant, a dress for me, invited ten guests and my best friend meet me for coffee that morning and gifted me my bouquet. I loved everything about the day (except waking up with bronchitis). Our photographer was wonderful and I gushed over the photos for months (and still do!) My wedding day was nearly perfect! 

Over the next few years I was honored to be part of my friends weddings and I saw the same thing happening to them, they were STRESSED! There were so many details to attend to and people to please.

When I started my business I knew I wanted couples to have a stress free day, to look back on their experience with me and know I did everything to make their day as blissful as possible. 

I’M KAYLA Susie.
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Our oldest, Emmett Stone is 9 and possibly the most laid back kid there is. He has always been the go with the flow child. He is also the strongest person I know, battling Epilepsy since he was 4 years old!
Our middle child, our blondie, Elle Rose (pronounced like the sorority girl turned Harvard Law Student). She is the most organized person in our family, taking type A to the next level and she loves taking care of others. 
The good Lord knew our house was too peaceful and that's why he gave us Millie Pearl. The pint sized tot keeps us on our toes for sure climbing, dancing and singing. What shines the most about Millie is her empathetic heart. 
If you inquire with me you will see I honor my kiddos in my business. Each of my wedding packages are named after them: Stone, Rose & Pearl. 

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Our kiddos are our world! 

How did I prove my love to tacos you ask? I committed to eating a taco every Tuesday in 2020 (and only missed one because I was in a postpartum daze). I celebrated each Taco Tuesday with a fancy taco or taco inspired meal (soups, pizza, bowls, salads, sushi). I am proud 

Tacos, coffee and TV.. 

I don't remember our first conversation but I do remember the first time I saw him. It was in my first college class at 8am (Western Civilization, Dr. Cann, Walker Building). When I saw him I just knew something good was going to happen, we would at the very least become friends. We started dating in 2011, got engaged in 2013 and married in 2017. 
We consider ourselves a couple of weirdos, telling jokes that only we think are funny, and eating pizza on the living room floor. 

My husband, Bryce!

supporter of taco-fusion is the best and I will die (with a full belly) on that hill! My favorite accompaniment to tacos: Margaritas and I won't discriminate between a Costco premix and a Super Fresh from Willy Taco they are equally delicious and deserving of my love (so long there is salt on the rim)!
Coffee is love language. Words of Affirmation; "you are as hot as my coffee". Acts of Service; make me a quad over ice. Gifts; give me a Starbucks gift card. Quality time: catching up over a cup of coffee. Physical Touch; bathe in coffee.. ok this one just doesn't work but you get the idea, I love coffee. 
New Girl is better than Friends.. there I said it, but don't fight me. I may be a luxury wedding photographer but deep down I'm Nick Miller, eating jelly, watching TV, avoiding undesirable tasks, pushing a door when it clearly says pull. I am he, he is me and we are doing our best. 

See what it's like working with Kayla Suise. 

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Kayla susie Photography

Kayla Susie Photography is a Greenville based photographer who values telling your love story by capturing the candid moments and creating images that are Thoughtful, Captivating, and Authentic. She photographs weddings, engagements and elopements in Greenville, South Carolina and the surrounding areas. 


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