Devyn & Michael | Hotel Domestique Engagement Session

Hotel Domestique looks straight out of the French countryside. Yet this iconic location is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I got to capture some beautiful engagement portraits for Devyn and Michael here recently. I was in awe of how natural these two are in front of the camera. Seriously, keep scrolling and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

Devyn and Michael love to have fun together! Whether it be a small promotion, a new restaurant, or random date night after a stressful day, they love to celebrate They share the love language acts of service, so it’s the small gestures that really show they care.

Every love story is unique, and Hotel Domestique painted Devyn and Michael’s story perfectly. From the rolling hills to the stunning architecture and fountain terrace, everything was so dreamy! This boutique hotel brings a sense of romance and intimacy, making it the ideal spot for couple photos.

Engagement Session Tips

Here are some tips to ensure that your Hotel Domestique engagement photos are a success:

  1. Coordinate Outfits: Plan your outfits to match the style of the hotel. Consider the color palette of the surroundings and choose attire that complements the elegant setting.
  2. Timing Is Key: For the most ideal lighting, consider scheduling your session during golden hour, just before sunset or after sunrise.
  3. Consult with Your Photographer: Share your vision with your photographer. They can recommend the best spots, poses, and angles to make your photos truly special.
  4. Be Yourselves: Authenticity and candid moments can often capture the essence of your love story. Don’t be afraid to showcase your unique connection.

I’m so excited to share more of Devyn and Michael’s beautiful engagement photos with you on the blog today! Enjoy!

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