Pietro & Abby | Proposal at Lake Hartwell

A proposal is one of life’s most significant and romantic milestones. There’s no better way to make it unforgettable than with a picturesque setting. And Pietro understood the assignment! The serene waters and gentle breeze of Lake Hartwell was the perfect atmosphere for this moment! In this blog post, we explore the magic of a lake proposal and the beauty Lake Hartwell, specifically. Basically, I’m begging you to also plan your proposal at the lake and let me take your photos. Because I’m absolutely obsessed!

Pietro carefully planned a party at his parent’s lake house one weekend. He then suggested to Abby that they go for a romantic boat ride. Instead, Abby insisted on bringing the fishing poles. With some quick thinking, Pietro redirected the theme of the ride and suggested they just go for a relaxing evening. Abby had no clue whatsoever! So what happened next was a big shock. I’m so glad I was there to capture the excitement and thrill of their sweet proposal

Why You Should Propose at the Lake

Like I said, I’m here to convince you that lake proposals are simply superior. And I will happily tag along to capture yours when it happens. Still need some convincing on having a lakeside proposal? Hear me out! Here’s why I think having a proposal at the lake (and specifically Lake Hartwell) is ideal!

  1. Peaceful Waters: Lake Hartwell truly provides a peaceful and serene setting, ideal for intimate moments of connection and love like proposals.
  2. Natural Beauty: At Lake Hartwell, you are surrounded by the incredible beauty of nature. With the lake’s clear waters and the greenery on the shores, your proposal is framed by the stunning scenery.
  3. Privacy and Romance: Proposals range from grand gestures to intimate moments. If your significant other loves a quieter, more personal experience, a lake proposal is the way to go! Trust me on this one. Lake Hartwell is far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  4. Memorable Surprise: The element of surprise is heightened when you propose at the lake. Is it a party? Casual lake day? Fishing excursion? There are so many ways to throw your significant other off the scent since you’re at the lake with so many possibilities. You can thank me later!

Don’t forget the most important part of your proposal– capturing the moment in photos! Hiring a professional photographer is an essential part of preserving this moment for years to come.

Thinking about popping the big question soon? I’d be honored to capture this special moment for you. Contact me, and let’s discuss all the details!

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