Emily Merrin | Biltmore Estate Bridal Portraits

Emily works at Biltmore as a Copywriter. She has loved visiting since she was a child, so she knew taking her bridal portraits here would be so special. Fun fact: everything Emily wore was vintage. From her mother’s dress to her grandmother’s pearl necklace and earrings, it all held sentimental value. You might even notice her beautiful vintage Dior shoes. It was like Audrey Hepburn meets charming countryside. Keep scrolling for her stunning, elegant Biltmore Estate bridal portraits on the blog today.

Tips for Biltmore Bridal Portraits

Every bride dreams of feeling like a queen on her special day. I’m convinced the Biltmore Estate is the perfect place to turn that dream into reality! Thinking about taking your own bridal portraits at America’s Largest Home? Read on for tips on how to ensure your Biltmore Estate bridal portraits are incredible:

  1. Communicate Your Vision: Your photographer is here to literally make your dreams a reality. Let them know what you want your images to look and feel like. Then, they’ll be able to plan locations, lighting, and poses to match!
  2. Check Sunset Times: To make the most of the estate’s incredible lighting, schedule your session during golden hour. This magical time typically occurs just before sunset or after sunrise.
  3. Try It All: Bridal portrait are a chance for you to get a complete test run of your entire bridal look before the big day. Go all out with hair and makeup selection. Bring all your details from jewelry to shoes, and even your bouquet!
  4. Embrace the Atmosphere: Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the ambiance of the estate. Bring music that you love to the session. Or schedule a fun date night dinner for after.

A bridal portrait session at the Biltmore Estate is a unique setting to capture your timeless beauty and grace. Your bridal portraits at the Biltmore Estate will be memories you’ll cherish for years to come. I know Emily is already doing that. Keep scrolling for more from her session!

Ready to take the bridal portraits of your dreams? I’m here to make that happen. Contact me today!

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