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Halle and Collier’s relationship is built on a foundation of friendship. They are each other’s best friend! Through their Hotel Domestique engagement photos, I really wanted to focus on the love, humor, and playfulness that’s infused into their relationship. Halle and Collier joke around, exchange playful insults, and love to show off our friendly sassiness. It adds an extra layer of fun, and I was all about it!

Beyond all the fun & games, Halle and Collier share core values of their faith in Jesus. They are committed to following His direction in their relationship, marriage, and future family. And these two said, “Whether it’s during our lowest or highest points, we’re always there for each other.”

When I asked about their love story, Halle and Collier told me they met through their mutual friend, Caitlyn, when they were 19! They broke up after 7 months and never saw each other or spoke to each other for a little over one year. Eventually, though, God had bigger plans, and these two found their way back to each other. They started dating again in August of 2022. And they are recently engaged in December 2, 2023! (Fun fact: Caitlyn is Halle’s maid of honor!)

“We can’t keep surprises from each other!!” Halle said. “For instance, I knew about Collier’s proposal in advance.” She says that her knowing about it still added an element of excitement and anticipation to the moment. She felt like she was more nervous than he was!

I’m so excited to share more of these two and their beautiful Hotel Domestique engagement photos on the blog today! Contact me today about your engagement session.

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